Capco: Helping Oil and Gas Companies Drive Growth

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Lance McAnelly, Managing Partner of Capco Energy Solutions

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Lance McAnelly is Managing Partner with Capco. He is an executive IT and business leader with significant P&L, operations, business management, team leadership, client relationship building, and Big 5 consulting experience. He has deep expertise in C-level relationship management and collaboration with a focus on improving existing enterprises and achieving significant results. He has significant experience providing expertise and solutions to clients in deregulated energy markets specifically and across the entire energy industry more broadly.

With the oil and gas industry making a full recovery since the last downtime in 2014, technological trends are taking over almost every facet of the previously legacy-system-based industry.The oil and gas industry was initially hesitant about the adoption of technology, but the 2014 downtime and the very recent pandemic have made the presence of an online system architecture very vital. Companies belonging to the oil and gas industry have had to upscale and adopt various technological solutions to solve their department-specific woes. Not only that, but the constant innovations and the current state of technology have made it very vital to leverage these solutions and not let the colossal amounts of incoming data go to waste. This is precisely where Capco steps in. This oil and gas industry technological solutions provider delves into detailed analysis delivery expertise, solution knowledge, etc. To strip it down to the very basics, Capco helps other companies in the oil and gas industry understand, assess, and implement specific specialized technological solutions to eliminate the current system of all its shortcomings and improve operational efficiency. Getting in business with Capco entails a collaborative effort to deploy and manage various solutions, including specialized solutions such as proprietary CTRM and CIS accelerators, to efficiently perform many risks and commodity management solutions. The 23-year-old company has its technology stack filled with the latest and greatest in the market, enabling them to offer a seamless formulation of the ideal Target Operating Model for your company. Capco’s approach is to start initially, taking a view of the current challenges across those dimensions while outlining a path to the future, what Capco calls a Target Operating Model. Once those are understood, a clear path for achieving the future vision can be established and used as an execution plan.
“So, while we see and understand the themes and types of problems our clients typically encounter, the manner in which Capco helps our customers achieve transformation is usually quite different from customer to customer,” he adds. “This approach results in strong delivery excellence, customer value creation, and long-standing trusted client relationships. Many of our customers have worked with Capco for over 20 years, continuously. Quite remarkable for a 23-year-old company!”Once the ideal target operating model has been defined, the company primarily defines a clear path for the future and then leverages it as an execution plan. Moreover, the company’s “SCADA Hawk” Operational Technology platform delves a little deeper into the company’s functionality, offering mobile solutions to field workers who generally don’t have direct access to Operational Technology systems as a part of the cyber infrastructure protection (CIP) implementation. When asked about this particular platform, Lance states, “We have created a vendor-agnostic that abstracts information from one or mode SCADA platforms and makes that information available to Filed service workers in the field so that they can be alerted when certain system conditions are present and/or alarmed when emergencies are anticipated.” This particular technology solution was the direct result of the deep industry knowledge possessed by Capco by building strong collaboration with their clients. With its rapid growth in both the energy and financial services industry, Capco is now making rounds in the market due to considerably high demand for its polished and expert solutions. As the consumer demands are still increasing, entailing the global pandemic recovery, Capco will continue to scale up its operations and experience accelerated growth in the coming years.