Enertia: Streamlining Data for Rapid O&G Scalability

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Vincent Dawkins, CEO

Company: Enertia,


Vince Dawkins, president and CEO of Enertia Software. Vince worked with industry leading organizations influencing engineering, IT & enterprise resource planning solutions. In 2008, Vince joined Enertia Software as a senior business analyst where he contributed to the design, development, and implementation of an enterprise application for upstream oil & gas producers.

The past few years have brought about a considerably widespread technological transformation across almost every industry. A few industries were a little slow to catch up on this technological transformation, and oil and gas are among them. With considerably slow integration of ERP systems and other developments in software, the oil and gas industry has been using legacy technology for quite some time. But now that Private Equity firms have established a proper foothold in the oil and gas industry, the need to upscale was imminent. This brought about a surge in expectations regarding the functionality of the industry, and the only way to mitigate this issue was rapid digitization. Enertia has slowly been observing the industry since then, and for the past three decades, it has evolved at par with the surge of customer expectations. Offering comprehensive ERP solutions and other relevant technological products, Enertia has leveraged tools for streamlining processing performance, reducing closing cycles, and automating complex business scenarios via accounting and financial reporting solutions. As the industry grew, the number of mergers and acquisitions went up, leaving smaller companies needing immediate upscaling. That is where Enertia lent a helping hand by providing services that help customers upscale quickly and attain consulting solutions for merging data. “We were around when prices were lower than a month on Netflix, so we know what it’s like to be in volatile markets. We’ve learned to utilize downturns as opportunities to reflect and focus on our customer’s needs to help ensure their efficiencies during unprecedented times.” says Vincent Dawkins, President & CEO of Enertia. “This is evident in situations when the industry is heavy with mergers and acquisitions. Enertia is able to help customers scale quickly and provide consulting solutions for merging data, and even cultures as well.”
Upscaling entails considerable streamlining of processing performance, leaving the need for the appropriate resource and reporting tools. Enertia offers comprehensive solutions for these issues and employs its robust reporting engine (Enertia Insights) to provide customers with the data they need to upscale and run their businesses efficiently. “Our user-friendly delivery system designer makes it simple to build systems for both daily estimates and monthly volume. Our allocation performance is best in class, versus competing products, with Enertia Systems running and reporting in seconds, allowing for optimal scalability and flexibility.” The company houses a mighty production allocation engine capable of offering solutions to the expedited production transactions needs of the industry. They offer a user-friendly approach to reporting, data analysis, and other extensive drill-down capabilities. The company possesses a combined industry knowledge expanding over 400 years and employs teams that have an in-depth understanding of the day-to-day activities of upstream oil and gas. Let’s delve into an example to add weightage to the above sentence. A premier independent energy company based in North America recently employed the services of Enertia to upscale. After a series of successful mergers and acquisitions, Enertia could scale up the company through 8 billion oil and gas property acquisitions within a brief window. So if you are in the market looking for a service provider that will mitigate all the above woes that your company is facing, then Enertia is the way to go. Owing to the industry’s current state, Enertia can help you upscale and do so seamlessly.